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Library of the Buchenwald Memorial
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Association of Memorial Site Libraries (AGGB)
The joint online catalogue can be found here

View of the memorial library. Photo: Claus Bach. Buchenwald Memorial


The memorial's research library currently holds approximately 38,000 volumes addressing the themes of National Socialism, the concentration camp, Stalinism and the special camps, memory and commemoration, museology, education, and the teaching of history.

The library is central to the memorial's educational work, and provides support to university and high school students working on topics within its area of focus. Additionally, the library serves scholars and visitors to the memorial, as well as participants in seminars intended for multipliers who are working on issues related to developing educational programmes for groups.

The reading room is equipped with work spaces and the library is open to the public for reference purposes. In the Memorial’s youth centre there is a collection of some 600 volumes, classified according to various subjects, intended especially for use in group projects carried out under the supervision of the memorial education staff.

The library is a member of the Association of Memorial Site Libraries (AGGB), which was founded in 1998. The joint online catalogue currently includes the inventories of nine memorial libraries.

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