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Exhibition: Soviet Special Camp No. 2 (1945-1950)

In a newly constructed exhibition building opposite the burial ground, the exhibition on the history of Soviet Special Camp No. 2 has been accessible since 1997. Relics, documents and memoirs from the time of the camp are presented on 300 square meters.

The photo shows the entrance to the exhibition building from the outside.

The Building

The architecture and the gray design express the isolation and desolation in this camp, making the building part of the exhibition.

Visitors between the showcases of the special camp exhibition.


he exhibition is structured chronologically and divided into four sections:

  1. Establishment of the special camps in the Soviet Occupation Zone (SBZ)
  2. Establishment of Special Camp No. 2 in Buchenwald
  3. Living conditions in the camp
  4. The dissolution of the special camps.

The history of the special camp is presented in the table display cases, the respective historical context on the movable walls.

On the side facing the burial ground, a long display case shows 17 biographies that provide exemplary information about the personnel composition of Special Camp No. 2.

On the opposite side, a media wall has been set up. Eight workstations, including two monitors with a total running time of two hours (eyewitness interviews, computer lexicon), reading folders, posters and short films provide in-depth information.

Drawings under glass panels that can be pulled out.

An der dem Gräberfeld zugewandten Seite werden in einer langen Vitrine 17 Biografien gezeigt, die exemplarisch Aufschluss über die personelle Zusammensetzung des Speziallagers Nr. 2 geben.

An der gegenüberliegenden Seite ist eine Medienwand eingerichtet. Acht Arbeitsplätze, darunter zwei Monitore mit insgesamt zwei Stunden Laufzeit (Zeitzeugeninterviews, Computerlexikon), Lesemappen, Plakate und Kurzfilme bieten vertiefende Informationsmöglichkeiten.

A glazed viewing slit next to an open Book of the Dead on a wall table allows visitors to look outside from the exhibition onto the burial ground.

Book of the Dead

Where the concrete wall is interrupted by a gap and offers a view of the burial ground, the Book of the Dead is displayed and interrupts the row of biographies.

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