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The selected biographies mainly show artists, authors, politicians and intellectuals who were presented in the exhibition "Leben - Terror - Geist", which was presented for the first time in 1999. They represent the life and work of people who, despite the diversity of their origins, their convictions and their life paths, have one thing in common: imprisonment in the Buchenwald concentration camp.

Portrait photograph of H. G. Adler

H.G. Adler Austrian writer

7/2/1910 (Prague, Bohemia) – 21/8/1988 (London, UK)

Portrait photograph of Jean Améry

Jean Améry Austrian writer

31/10/1912 (Vienna, Austria) – 17/10/1978 (Salzburg, Austria)

Portrait photograph of Robert Antelme

Robert Antelme French author

5/1/1917 (Sartène, Corsica) – 26/10/1990 (Paris, France)

Portrait photograph of Bruno Apitz

Bruno Apitz German writer

28/4/1900 (Leipzig, Deutsches Reich) – 7/4/1979 (Berlin, DDR)

Portrait photograph of Robert Bardfeld

Robert Bardfeld Czech doctor

10/5/1925 (Dobřichovice, Czechoslovakia) – 20/10/2019 (Prag, Czechia)

Floréal Barrier portrait

Floréal Barrier French typesetter

3/1/1922 (Trélazé, France) – 25/10/2015 (Cagnes-sur-Mer, France)

Portrait photo of Bruno Bettelheim

Bruno Bettelheim American psychoanalyst

25/8/1903 (Vienna, Austria) – 13/3/1990 (Silver Spring, USA)

Portrait photograph of Léon Blum

Léon Blum French Prime Minister

9/4/1872 (Paris, France) – 30/37/1950 (near Versailles, France)

Private photo of Willem F. van Bodengraven smoking cigarette, view goes to the side

Willem F. van Bodegraven Dutch architect

23/11/1903 (Rotterdam, Netherlands) – 28/10/1992 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Private photograph of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Dietrich Bonhoeffer German theologian

4/2/1906 (Breslau, German Reich) – 9/4/1945 (Flossenbürg concentration camp)

Identification service photo of Yves-Pierre Boulogne

Yves-Pierre Boulogne French educationalist

13/5/1921 (Callengeville, France) – 24/1/2001

Portrait photograph of Hermann Brill

Hermann Brill German politician

9/2/1895 (Gräfenroda, German Reich) – 22/6/1959 (Wiesbaden, FRG)

Private photo of Danuta Brzosko-Mędryk with a cat in her arms

Danuta Brzosko-Medryk Polish writer

4/8/1921 (Pultusk, Poland) – 1/10/2015 (Warschau, Poland)

Portrait photograph of Jean Burgers

Jean Burgers Belgian engineer

6/7/1917 (Schaerbeek, Belgium) – 5/10/1944 (Buchenwald concentration camp)

Portrait photograph of Josef Čapek

Josef Čapek Czechoslovak artist, writer

23/3/1887 (Hronov, Bohemia) – 4/1945 (Bergen-Belsen concentration camp)

Portrait photograph of Emil Carlebach

Emil Carlebach German politician

10/7/1914 (Frankfurt a.M., German Reich) – 9/4/2001 (Frankfurt a.M., FRG)

Private photo of Vasile Dan

Vasile Dan Romanian director

9/9/1925 (Oradea, Kingdom of Romania)

Private photo of Rudi Debijadji

Rudi Debijadji doctor

28/12/1920 (Mostar, Kingdom of Yugoslavia) – 3/3/2006 (Belgrad, Serbia)

Private photograph of Robert Desnos

Robert Desnos French author

4/7/1900 (Paris, France) – 8/6/1945 (Theresienstadt concentration camp)

Portrait photograph of Sergije Dimitrijević

Sergije Dimitrijević Serbian lawyer

19/3/1912 (Pirot, Kingdom of Yugoslavia) – 1987 (Belgrad, Serbia)

Private shot of Pierre Durand with a pipe in his hand

Pierre Durand French journalist

30/8/1923 (Mulhouse, France) – 6/5/2002 (Paris, France)

Portrait photograph of Kurt Eisner, Jr.

Kurt Eisner, jr. German politician

4/12/1903 (Berlin, German Reich) – 26/8/1942 (Buchenwald concentration camp)

Portrait photograph of Éva Fahidi-Pusztai

Éva Fahidi-Pusztai Hungarian writer

22/10/1925 (Debrecen, Hungary)

Recording of Ernst Federn for identification purposes

Ernst Federn Austrian psychologist

26/8/1914 (Vienna, Austria) – 24/6/2007 (Vienna, Austria)

Portrait photograph of Emil Filla

Emil Filla Czech painter and sculptor

4/4/1882 (Chropyně, Austria-Hungary) – 7/10/1953 (Prague, Czech Republic)

Portrait photograph of Leopold Flam

Leopold Flam Belgian philosopher

16/3/1912 (Antwerp, Belgium) – 19/9/1995 (Vilvoorde, Belgium)

Private photo of José Fosty

José Fosty Belgian artist

31/8/1919 (Dalhem, Belgium) – 25/5/2015 (Oupeye, Belgium)

Portrait photograph of Ernö Gáll

Ernö Gáll Romanian philosopher

4/4/1917 (Nagyvarad, Transylvania) – 17/5/2000 (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

Private photo of Robert Raphael Geis

Robert Raphael Geis German rabbi

4/7/1906 (Frankfurt am Main, German Reich) – 18/5/1972 (Baden-Baden, FRG)

Private photograph of Helmut Goldschmidt

Helmut Goldschmidt German architect

16/10/1918 (Magdeburg, German Reich) – 6/8/2005 (Cologne, FRG)

Private photo of František Graus sitting at desk

František Graus Czech historian

14/12/1921 (Brno, Czechoslovakia) – 1/5/1989 (Basel, Switzerland)

Portrait photo of Mirjana Gross

Mirjana Gross Croatian historian

22/5/1922 (Zagreb, Kingdom of Yugoslavia) – 23/6/2012 (Zagreb, Croatia)

Private photo of Fritz Grünbaum in coat and hat

Fritz Grünbaum cabaret artist

7/4/1880 (Brno, Czechoslovakia) – 14/1/1941 (Dachau concentration camp)

Portrait of Maurice Halbwachs

Maurice Halbwachs French sociologist

11/3/1877 (Reims, France) – 1945 (Buchenwald concentration camp)

Passport photograph of Jacob Hemelrijk

Jakob Hemelrijk Dutch teacher

14/2/1888 (Winterswijk, Netherlands) – 10/2/1973 (Bergen, Netherlands)

Portrait photograph of Bertrand Herz

Bertrand Herz french engineer

24/4/1930 (Paris, France) – 20/5/2021 (Paris, France)

Portrait of Stéphane Hessel

Stéphane Hessel French diplomat

20/10/1917 (German Reich) – 27/2/2013 (Paris, France)

Portrait photo of Ivan Ivanji

Ivan Ivanji Serbian writer

24/1/1929 (Veliki Bečkerek, Kingdom of Yugoslavia)

Portrait photograph of Spasoje Jarakovic

Spasoje Jarakovic Serbian illustrator

21/3/1921 (Ruma, Kingdom of Yugoslavia) – 2/6/1984 (Belgrad, Serbia)

Private photo of Miklós Kallós at his desk

Miklós Kallós Professor of Philosophy, Sociology and Political Sciences

11/11/1926 (Oradea, Romania) – 27/12/2018 (Oradea, Romania)

Portrait photo of Felicja Karay

Felicja Karay Israeli historian

26/1/1927 (Krakau, Poland) – 9/3/2014 (Rishon Leziyon, Israel)

Portrait of Imre Kertész

Imre Kertész Hungarian writer and Nobel Prize winner for literature

9/11/1929 (Budapest, Hungary) – 31/3/2016 (Budapest, Hungary)

Portrait photograph Eugen Kogon

Eugen Kogon German publicist and sociologist

2/2/1903 (Munich, German Reich) – 14/12/1987 (Koenigstein im Taunus, FRG)

Portrait of Lojze Krakar

Lojze Krakar Slovenian writer

21/2/1926 (Semic, Kingdom of Yugoslavia) – 24/12/1995 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Portrait of Hermann Leopoldi

Hermann Leopoldi Austrian composer

15/8/1888 (Vienna-Meidling, Austria) – 28/6/1959 (Vienna, Austria)

Portrait photograph of Fischel Libermann

Fischel Libermann German-Polish journalist and writer

23/9/1908 (Petrikau, Poland) – 29/11/2001 (Frankfurt a. M., FRG)

Portrait photograph of Hans Litten

Hans Litten German lawyer

19/6/1903 (Halle, German Reich) – 5/2/1938 (Dachau concentration camp)

Portrait photograph of Fritz Löhner-Beda

Fritz Löhner-Beda Austrian librettist

24/6/1883 (Wildenschwert, Bohemia) – 4/12/1942 (Auschwitz-Monowitz concentration camp)

Portrait photograph of Štĕpán Lucký

Štĕpán Lucký Czech composer

20/1/1919 (Žilina, Czechoslovakia) – 5/5/2006 (Prague, Czech Republic)

Portrait photograph of Boris Lurie

Boris Lurie American visual artist

18/7/1924 (Leningrad, Soviet Union) – 7/1/2008 (New York, USA)

Portrait photograph of Jacques Lusseyran

Jacques Lusseyran French author

19/10/1924 (Paris, France) – 27/7/1971 (Ancenis, France)

Portrait photograph of Arnošt Lustig

Arnošt Lustig Czech writer

21/12/1926 (Prague, Czechoslovakia) - 26/2/2011 (Prague, Czech Republic)

Private photo of Arno Lustiger in front of a bookshelf

Arno Lustiger German historian

7/5/1924 (Bedzin, Upper Silesia) – 15/5/2012 (Frankfurt a. M., FRG)

Private photo of Franz Monjau sitting, resting his arms on his legs.

Franz Monjau German art teacher

30/1/1903 (Cologne, German Reich) – 28/2/1945 (Ohrdruf concentration camp)

Paul Morgan portrait shot

Paul Morgan Austrian actor

1/10/1886 (Vienna, Austria) – 10/12/1938 (Buchenwald concentration camp)

Portrait photograph of Paul Neurath

Paul Neurath American sociologist of Austrian descent

12/10/1911 (Vienna, Austria) – 3/10/2001 (New York, USA)

Portraitaufnahme von Tomislav Novak

Tomislav Novak Croatian economist

7/9/1925 (Varazdin, Kingdom of Yugoslavia)

Portrait photograph of Henri Pieck

Henri Pieck Dutch artist

19/4/1895 (Den Halder, Netherlands) – 12/1/1972 (Den Haag, Netherlands)

Portrait of Friedrich von Rabenau

Friedrich von Rabenau German officer

10/10/1884 (Berlin, German Reich) – 4/1945 (Flossenbürg concentration camp)

Portrait photograph of Hugo Rokyta

Hugo Rokyta Professor of Comparative Education

24/11/1912 (Kamieńsk, North Moravia) – 16/3/1999 (Třeboň, Czech Republic)

Portrait photograph of Franz Rosenbach in the grounds of the former "Gypsy Camp" of Auschwitz-Birkenau".

Franz Rosenbach Deputy Chairman of the Bavarian State Association of Sinti and Roma

29.9.1927 (Horatitz, Sudetenland) – 7.10.2012 (Nürnberg, FRG)

Portrait shot by David Rousset

David Rousset French author

18/1/1912 (Roanne, France) – 13/12/1997 (Paris, France)

Private photo of Herbert Sandberg sitting on a chair

Herbert Sandberg German graphic artist

4/4/1908 (Posen, Poland) – 18/3/1991 (Berlin, FRG)

Privataufnahme von Michail A. Sawitzki sitzend im Profil

Michail A. Sawitzki Russian painter

18/2/1922 (Swinjatschi, Sowjet Union) – 9/11/2010 (Minsk, Belarus)

Recording of Jorge Semprún at the lectern

Jorge Semprún Spanish culture minister and writer

10/12/1923 (Madrid, Spain) – 7/6/2011 (Paris, France)

Private recording of Jura Soyfer

Jura Soyfer Austrian writer

8/12/1912 (Charkow, Ukraine) – 16/2/1939 (Buchenwald concentration camp)

Private photo of Walter Spitzer standing in a studio

Walter Spitzer French illustrator

14/6/1927 (Chieszyn, Poland) – 13/4/2021 (Paris, France)

Private photo of Paul Steinberg sitting in front of a chess set

Paul Steinberg French entrepreneur and writer

18/10/1926 (Berlin, German Reich) – 1999 (Paris, France)

Portrait photograph of Heinrich Steinitz

Heinrich Steinitz Austrian lawyer and writer

30/8/1879 (Bielitz, Austrian Silesia) – Oktober/November 1942 (Auschwitz concentration camp)

Recording of Mordechai Strigler at the lectern

Mordechai Strigler Polish-American writer

18/9/1918 (Zamosc, Poland) – 10/5/1998 (New York, USA)

Portrait photograph of Pierre Sudreau

Pierre Sudreau French politician

13/5/1919 (Paris, France) – 22/1/2012 (Paris, France)

Portrait photo of Rudi Supek

Rudi Supek Croatian sociologist

8/4/1913 (Zagreb, Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia) – 2/1/1993 (Zagreb, Croatia)

Portrait photograph of Józef Szajna

Józef Szajna Polish theater director and artist

13/3/1922 (Rzeszów, Poland) – 24/6/2008 (Warsaw, Poland)

Portrait photograph of Boris Taslitzky

Boris Taslitzky French painter

30/9/1911 (Paris, France) – 9/12/2005 (Paris, France)

Portrait photo of Fred Wander

Fred Wander Austrian writer

5/1/1917 (Vienna, Austria) – 10/7/2006 (Vienna, Austria)

Portrait photograph of Ernst Wiechert

Ernst Wiechert German writer

18/5/1887 (Kleinort, German Reich) – 24/8/1950 (Uerikon, Switzerland)

Portrait photograph of Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel American writer and Nobel Peace Prize winner

30/10/1928 (Sighet, Kingdom of Romania) – 2/7/2016 (New York, USA)

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