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Ettersburg — Buchenwald

South Side of Schloss Ettersburg, next to the restaurant terrace
Am Schloß 1, 99439 Ettersburg

Zu sehen ist eine Karte auf der die Route von Ettesburg nach Buchenwald verzeichnet ist.

The 45-minute audio walk leads from the Ettersburg in Weimar to the Buchenwald memorial and deals with remembrance of the Nazi crimes through media. It can be used as preparation for a visit to the memorial, approaching it step by step.

Following the steps of the artist Leif Weitzel, one walks through the forest of the Ettersberg, while interview partners describe their connection to the historical site in the audio play. One focus is on the reflection of the concentration camp's visual sources - in particular photographs from the liberated camps. The walk ends on arrival at the memorial site.

Buses (line 6, on weekends also line 4) are available to return to Ettersburg Castle or to Weimar.

Interview partners Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann (film scholar), Naftali Fürst (survivor of Buchenwald concentration camp; interview: Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe), Rikola Gunnar-Lüttgenau (Buchenwald Memorial).

Music Podington Bear, Lens Flare (Piano IV: Cinematic), Alsace (Piano III - Minor Keys), Sanctuary (Piano III - Minor Keys) , Across The River (Piano I) (Creative Common Licensed)

Production Leif Weitzel, Karlsruhe

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