"Buchenwald. Ostracism and Violence 1937 to 1945"



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Additional Information

Historical Overview
Information on the history of Buchenwald is available here.

Permanent Exhibitions
Information on the permanent exhibitions is available here.

Buchenwald Concentration Camp Book of the Dead
The online version is available here.

Clarification of the Fate of Individual Inmates
An online inquiry to the Buchenwald archives can be sent here. 

The Site Today
Information about the camp ruins is available here.

An annotated selection of literature is available here.


Schedule of fees
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Visitor guidelines
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Förderverein Buchenwald e.V.
Additional information is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much time is needed to view the memorial?

A tour of the former SS area and the inmates' camp takes approximately two hours. The documentary film about the Buchenwald Concentration Camp that may be viewed in the memorial screening room is approximately 30 minutes long. A tour of the memorial grounds on the south side of the Ettersberg hill takes approximately one hour. Additional time should be allowed if you wish to visit the permanent historical exhibitions "Buchenwald Concentration Camp, 1937-1945" (1600 m2), "Soviet Special Camp No. 2, 1945-1950" (300 m2), "History of the Buchenwald Memorial" (300 m2), the art exhibition "Means of Survival – Testimony – Artwork –Visual Memory " (approx. 400 m2) and any temporary exhibitions.

What guidelines apply to a visit at the memorial?

The Buchenwald Memorial is a place of mass suffering and death. To preserve the character of the site as a memorial and as a place of burial, we ask that you observe a number of guidelines. Wearing clothing and symbols that are generally recognized to be manufactured or marketed within the right-wing extremist milieu is prohibited. Smoking is prohibited on the former inmates’ camp grounds, and we ask that you refrain from eating and drinking there.

Can group guided tours be booked at short notice?

Due to high demand, group tours should be booked at the visitor information centre as early as possible.

Are guided tours available for individual visitors?

The Förderverein Buchenwald e.V. association offers guided tours from Tuesdays through Sundays and on holidays in German for individual visitors; donations are greatly appreciated. The starting point is at the visitor information centre. In addition, multimedia guides in a number of languages may be rented for a small fee at the visitor information centre for individual tours.

What programmes and services are available to Non-German-speaking visitors?

Guided tours for individual visitors are held in German. The multimedia guides (iPod nano or iPod touch) for individual tours of the memorial are available in several different languages. Multimedia guides may be rented at the visitor information centre for a small fee. Guided tours for groups can be held in several different foreign languages by prior arrangement.

Is the memorial accessible to visitors with disabilities?

The visitor information centre, most of the exhibition buildings, the museum café, the archive and the library are fully accessible (with ramps, elevators, DIN-norm wheelchair-accessible restrooms). For additional information see the section of this website under "accessibility".

How much does a visit to the memorial cost?

The visit to the memorial and the exhibitions is free of charge. There are some fees associated with additional services, such as guided tours and renting multimedia guides.

Is filming or taking photographs permitted at the memorial?

The recording of films an taking of photographs intended solely for private use are permitted during individual tours of the memorial. Filming, audio recording, and the taking of photographs are not permitted on guided tours or during other educational programmes such as one- or multi-day projects. Exceptions will only be made with prior written permission obtained in advance from the Press and Publicity department. Such advance permission is required for all professional filming, audio recording, and photograph-taking.

May dogs be brought into the memorial?

Dogs are not permitted on the grounds of the former prisoners’ camp (with the exception of guide dogs). Outside this area, leashed dogs are permitted.

What is the minimum age for children at the memorial?

We recommend that you do not visit the former prison building, the former crematorium and the exhibitions with children under 12 years of age. The minimum age for participating in booked group tours is 15.

Is food and drink available for purchase at the memorial?

The museum café near the visitor car park offers a selection of food, snacks and drinks.

Where are the restrooms?

Restrooms for visitors are located at the museum café and in the museum buildings.

Where can I obtain information about the history of Buchenwald?

The historical overview on the memorial website provides an introduction to the history of Buchenwald. Additional information may be obtained by a visit to the permanent exhibitions and by consulting the cited literature in the section under "Collection & Research". Special inquiries can be sent to the memorial archive by e-mail or in writing.

Where can I obtain information about the history of Weimar under National Socialism?

The "Weimar under National Socialism" city tour is available online and as an informational brochure in the memorial bookshop. It may also be obtained from the Buchenwald Memorial information office at the Weimar Tourist Information Centre as a multimedia guide.

Where can I obtain information about prisoners of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp or Special Camp No. 2 at Buchenwald?

Information is available in the Book of the Dead of the concentration camp (which is online) and in the Book of the Dead of the Special Camp No. 2 (which can be purchased at the memorial bookshop and in our online shop). Inquiries about the fates of individual inmates may be directed to the archive.

Where can commemorative events be held?

Commemorative events in memory of prisoners of the concentration camp can be held at various sites on the memorial grounds, including the memorial to all prisoners located on the former muster ground, near memorials to individual prisoner groups, and in the commemorative rooms in the former prison building. For commemorative events honouring the victims of Special Camp No. 2 at Buchenwald, a site of mourning is also located near the cemetery downhill from the exhibition building. Please contact the visitor information centre in advance if you are planning a commemorative event.

How can I support the memorial’s work?

We are happy to accept donations to support our work. Voluntary work is also possible through the memorial and the Förderverein Buchenwald e.V. association.