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Crematorium manufactured by the
"Topf & Söhne" Company, Erfurt
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Place of Remembrance "Topf & Söhne", Erfurt
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On the occasion of a visit from a high-ranking SS officer in autumn of 1939 / spring of 1940, Roma from Burgenland are compelled to stand for roll call. Photo: Buchenwald Concentration Camp Records Office. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington


Beginning of the year

Hundreds of Roma and Viennese Jews fall victim to cold, hunger and forced labour over the course of the winter. For the first time, the SS murder enfeebled inmates with injections. A crematorium is built next to the roll call square according to a design by the Topf & Söhne company of Erfurt.


The management of the Behring-Werke Marburg/Lahn inquires with the SS about the results of experiments in which a new dysentery vaccine has been tested on inmates for tolerability.

3 April

Ernst Heilmann, a former member of the Reichstag and chairman of the Social Democratic parliamentary group of the Prussian Landtag, is murdered with a lethal injection.


Camp Commandant Koch has an indoor riding arena built for himself and his wife.

30 May

The Catholic priest Otto Neururer dies in the "bunker" after two days of torture. This is his punishment for baptizing a fellow inmate at the latter's request.


232 members of the Dutch intelligentsia and civil service are committed to the camp as hostages.


The order is issued to pull the gold teeth of the dead before incineration. The crematorium has been in operation in the camp since the summer.


There are 7,440 inmates in the camp. Over the course of the year, 1,883 have died.

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