Members of the SS at work on the construction of the first barrack, 9 July 1937. Photo: Kriminalpolizei Weimar. SGBuMD


15 July

The first 149 inmates arrive at Ettersberg Mountain from the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. The SS dissolve the Sachsenburg and Lichtenburg concentration camps and bring the inmates - insurgents, Jehovah's Witnesses, persons with criminal records, and a few isolated homosexuals - to the Buchenwald grounds, where they have to build the camp for themselves. The camp commandant is Karl Koch.

28 July

After the National Socialist Cultural Community of Weimar raises objections, the name of the new concentration camp is changed from "K.L. Ettersberg" to "K.L. Buchenwald/Post Weimar".

4 August

The mayor of Weimar approves the SS application for use of the municipal crematorium to incinerate "the corpses in question".

5 September

For the first time, an inmate who has been committed to the Weimar municipal hospital for treatment dies there.

17 September

The city councillors of Weimar declare their "fundamental approval" of the incorporation of the Buchenwald concentration camp into the municipality.


There are 2,561 inmates in the camp on the Ettersberg. The death toll since the summer is 53.

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