Director of Collections
Holm Kirsten
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Artefacts in the memorial's museological collection. Photo: Katharina Brand. Buchenwald Memorial

Museological collection

The memorial's museological collection includes artefacts from the following: Buchenwald Concentration Camp and the period of National Socialism; the Soviet Special Camp No. 2; / the post-war era; the National Buchenwald Memorial/GDR anti-fascism and the Buchenwald Memorial in reunified Germany.

The holdings currently comprise approximately 7,000 inventoried artefacts. In addition, there are approximately 11,000 artefacts from excavations carried out on the memorial grounds since 1994. These are mainly objects relating to daily life in the camp and personal items belonging to prisoners.

The oldest and by far the most comprehensive part of the collection relates to the Buchenwald Concentration Camp and the National Socialist era, which account for approximately 70 percent of the inventoried artefacts.

In addition, over the past three decades, the Foundation has collected approximately 10,000 historical photographs. These photographs date from the following periods: the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Concentration Camps (1937–1945); the dissolution of the camps; the Soviet Special Camp No. 2 and its dissolution (1945–1950); the two GDR memorials (1945–1990); and the redesign of the camps after 1990. In addition, the archive also contains small collections of photographs and items that have been donated by survivors of the camps. Beginning in 2004, these collections were assessed, catalogued, and digitally inventoried as part of a two-year research project funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

A special fund is available for purchasing materials related to the archive's areas of holding.