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Blood Road
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Memorial plaque at Weimar Main Station. Photo: Naomi Tereza Salmon, Buchenwald Memorial

Main station

In the days following the anti-Jewish pogrom of November 1938, the SS deported 10,000 Jewish men to Buchenwald Concentration Camp. They came from such cities as Breslau, Dresden, Frankfurt, Bielefeld and Aachen, and from all over Thuringia. They were transported by national railway ("Reichsbahn") to Weimar Main Station, where the SS and auxiliary policemen drove them through the tunnel passageway, subjecting them to indiscriminate acts of violence along the way. The abuses took place before the eyes of the public.

In the early years, most Buchenwald inmates – up to and including large transports from Poland in October 1939 – arrived at the main station. Later the freight depot was used for this purpose.

A memorial plaque commemorating the arrival of the victims of the anti-Jewish pogrom was mounted at the east entrance to the main station in 1998.