Bertrand Herz

2009 in the Buchenwald Memorial. Photo: Peter Hansen. SGBuMD


Bertrand Herz

during the 64th anniversary of the liberation of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, 5 april 2009. Photo: Peter Hansen. SGBuMD

Biographie of Bertrand Herz

Born in Paris in 1930.

In early September 1942, to escape persecution in the German-occupied part of France, the Herz family, Jews, fled to Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), which was located in a zone not yet occupied at the time.

On 5 July 1944, Bertrand Herz was arrested by the German Gestapo along with his father, his mother and his eldest sister on account of their Jewish heritage. They were initially interned in the Caffarelli Casern in Toulouse. On 30 July father and son were deported to Buchenwald, mother and daughter to Ravensbrück. On 6 August 1944, Bertrand Herz was registered in Buchenwald under the number 69592, and he and his father were assigned quarters in Barrack 61 of the Little Camp, where they stayed until 14 December 1944. Then they were deported to a Buchenwald subcamp in Niederorschel, Thuringia to perform forced labour in the assembly of Junkers aircraft. His father died there on 27 January 1945. On 10 April 1945 Bertrand Herz was deported back to Buchenwald, where he was liberated with the rest of the camp the following day.

Repatriated at the end of April 1945, he was reunited with his sister in Paris. His mother had died in Ravensbrück on 29 December 1944.

University studies at the Ecole Polytechnique (engineering degree in 1953).

1953–1960 National navy, reserve commander.

1958 Specialization in computer science, various organizational-technical, consulting and management functions in this field in an insurance company and a large French industrial operation.

1985–1994 Professor at the technological institute of the university Paris V.