The photo exhibition In Black and White is the first virtual presentation of the photographic history of a concentration camp. At the same time, its aim is to shed light on the context in which the photos were taken, and on the photographers. In this way it is creating a new, sharper, and more reliable image of Buchenwald Concentration Camp, and making that image accessible to a broad international public.

The virtual exhibition In Black and White takes as its orientation the structure of the "real" exhibition bearing the same title in the Buchenwald Memorial depot. There it can be viewed in the authentic setting.

The pictures were provided by the Buchenwald Memorial archive, which has an inventory of some ten thousand photographs at its disposal. It is the oldest major photo collection at a concentration camp memorial in Germany. In the course of the past years it has been historiographically processed, put in order by photographer's name and digitally catalogued. Parts of the photo collection are accessible on the Internet by way of a digital archive.

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  • The Camp
  • The Construction of the Camp
  • Buchenwald as a Model Camp
  • Aerial Attack of 1944 – Beginning of the End
  • The Inmates
  • Inmates as Seen by the SS
  • Photographed Secretly
  • The SS
  • The Elite of the Third Reich
  • SS Men among Themselves
  • The View from the Outside
  • On Public Display
  • The Clandestine Photo
  • "... in the midst of the German people"
  • The Camp as Evidence
  • Gathering of Evidence
  • On Behalf of the Camp Committee
  • Buchenwald in Colour
  • The Liberated
  • Survivors
  • From Inmate to Witness
  • "Building a new world"
  • Before Departure
  • The Perpetrators
  • SS Men as Prisoners
  • Defendants in the Dachau Buchenwald Trial
  • New Publicity