The former depot building of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Photo: Naomi Tereza Salmon. Buchenwald Memorial

The Buchenwald Concentration Camp 1937-1945

The permanent exhibition, which details the history of the concentration camp, was opened in 1995. It is located in the camp’s former “depot” building, where the inmates’ clothing and personal possessions were stored. The exhibition’s design alludes to the original purpose of the building. In the exhibition, steel shelves open to become display cases which hold objects that bear witness to the crimes committed under National Socialism and provide a glimpse into the reality of life within a concentration camp — the existence of which was tolerated by ordinary German society.

Covering 1600 square metres, the exhibition includes hundreds of objects that illuminate Buchenwald’s history, including artefacts, photographs, documents, eyewitness accounts, and biographies of both victims and perpetrators. The exhibition is divided into six main sections.