The American congresswoman Clare Boothe Luce talking to liberated inmates in an infirmary barrack, April 21, 1945. Photo: Byron H. Rollins. AP/Wide World Photos New York

"On 19 April 1945 the camp was visited by a body of 10 British Members of Parliament to see at first hand the conditions at the camp. They were conducted through the camp and wards and were very favorably impressed by the work being done by this unit. On their inspection they were shown prisoner barracks, children's quarters, the camp crematorium, the notorious 'Block 61' and the SS barracks which had been taken over for use as wards. They spoke with some of the patients, through interpreters and found the patients to be grateful for the care being taken of them by the Americans.
The following day, 20 April 1945, a group of twelve (12) U S congressmen visited the camp to make a survey of conditions. They likewise were horrified at living conditions and the treatment of the inmates by the Germans and were greatly impressed with the progress made by this unit in correcting these conditions.
On 21 April 1945, we were honored by a visit by US Senators sent to investigate the Buchenwald Concentration Camp."

Report of the 120th Evacuation Hospital, June 10, 1945 (excerpt)


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