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Katrin Greiser: Die Todesmärsche von Buchenwald. Räumung, Befreiung und Spuren der Erinnerung, here

The website "Weimar im Nationalsozialismus" (German Version) can be found here.

The death march memorial in Weimar on the route to Buchenwald. Photo: Naomi Tereza Salmon, Buchenwald Memorial

Death march memorial

The memorial in Weimar on the road to Buchenwald (corner of Ettersburger Strasse - Riessnerstrasse) commemorates the victims – numbering approximately 13,000 – of the Buchenwald inmate death marches. Erected in 1983 by the "Komitee der antifaschistischen Widerstandskämpfer der DDR" ("Committee of Members of the Antifascist Resistance of the GDR"), it was the first memorial to the death marches in Thuringia. It was designed by the architect and architecture sculptor Eckard Bendin of Erfurt. A map set in the red brick masonry shows the routes of the death marches which proceeded on foot (red) and by rail (black) between 7 and 10 April 1945.

A large number of similar commemorative markers are found along the routes of the death marches in Thuringia.