Members of the 120th Evacuation Hospital loading a sick Little Camp inmate on a stretcher into an ambulance, after April 15, 1945. Photo: U.S. Signal Corps. National Archives Washington

We were relieved from duty on 23 April 1945 but by this time food had been procured and transported to the camp to provide the patients with a ration comparable to an "A" ration. Since Buchenwald Concentration Camp was our first chance to function since arriving on the continent, both the officers and enlisted men worked hard to prove their capabilities. Each person felt that he was accomplishing something and in addition to efficient and cooperative work from all sections, morale was raised to a higher degree.
Movement to our next area, Kersbach, Germany, was started at 6:00 am April 25, 1945 and completed 6:00 pm April 28, 1945 with the return to duty from TDY of the unit's nurses.

Report of the 120th Evacuation Hospital, June 10, 1945 (excerpt)

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