Sick Buchenwald Concentration Camp inmates being moved to a former SS casern, after April 15, 1945. Photo: 120th Evacuation Hospital. Buchenwald Memorial

"At the time this unit took over the camp there were an estimated 21,000 prisoners there. The greatest problem facing the unit was one of sanitation. The water supply had been cut off due to the destruction of one of the mains by explosives. Latrine facilities in the camp were virtually non-existent and hygiene of any kind was apparently unknown. Prisoners' barracks were in the worst possible condition. Lighting was inadequate, barracks were filthy, barracks overcrowded, inmates underfed and underclothed. Upon taking over the camp, the unit began delousing and cleaning buildings which had formerly housed SS guards. As these buildings were cleared, the worst cases were transferred."

Report of the 120th Evacuation Hospital, June 10, 1945 (excerpt)

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