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Weimar under National Socialism (German version)
An online map of the city can be found here.

The anthology “'...mitten im deutschen Volke’: Buchenwald, Weimar und die nationalsozialistische Volksgemeinschaft” can be ordered here.

Entrance area of the exhibition. Photo: Peter Hansen. Buchenwald Memorial

1. “... in the midst of the German people”

The Burden of the Defeat and the Myth of the Reich / Economic Crisis and Looking for the Way Out / Resistance / Terrorism and Concentration Camps / Anti-Semitism / Persecution and Exermination of Jews / Persecution and Exermination of Sinti and Romany Gypsies / Community Based upon Achievement / "peoples´s community" – Consensus and Participation / Weimar / Ettersberg Concentration Camp – The Decision for This Place

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