U.S. soldiers and former inmates in front of a lorry trailer loaded with corpses in the inner courtyard of the crematorium, April 18, 1945. Photo: Ardean R. Miller, U.S. Signal Corps. National Archives Washington

12/13 April 1945

12 April 1945

The city of Weimar is occupied by units of the 80th Infantry Division. Initial contact is made with the camp now under the command of the International Camp Committee.

13 April 1945, 11:30 am

Lt. Colonel Edmund A. Ball of the 80th Infantry Division takes command of the camp; a company of the 317th Infantry Regiment is assigned to protect it. Ball meets with 21 representatives of the International Camp Committee, is briefed on the situation and decides what is to be done next. Following a memorial service in honour of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who had died the previous day, the inmates turn in their weapons.

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