Educational projet in the seminar rooms. Photo: Claus Bach

Projects lasting one or several days


One-day project (minimum 6 hours)

The educational accompaniment (see above) is supplemented by seminar modules increasing the active participation of the group members, e.g. an associative experience of the site with the aid of images, the integration of reports written or told from memory, of documents and drawings, and a reflection phase in conclusion of the project day.

Projects over several days (minimum 2 days)

In addition to becoming comprehensively acquainted with the historical location, participants are to learn to acquire selected thematic contents actively on their own, and to create a product of their independent work. The abilities and knowledge possessed by the group as a whole are to serve as a basis for developing individual viewpoints on various issues, and expressing those viewpoints. The educational methods and the duration of the individual programme items are varied depending on the age and knowledge level. The group is accompanied by education department staff throughout the project.

Educational modules for one-day and several-day programmes

The education programmes of the Mittelbau-Dora Concentration Camp Memorial are tailored to suit the age, group size, and knowledge level of the participants. To this end, the memorial education staff has various modules and educational methods at its disposal which are used as agreed upon with the respective group.

The longer a group stays at the memorial, the larger the percentage of active programme modules should be.

The members of the memorial education staff begin by encouraging reflection on important aspects of Nazi history and sensitively supervising the resulting conversations and discussions. They also support the young people in acquiring knowledge on certain thematic areas. Above all the several-day programmes are project-oriented and aim for the production of tangible results arrived at by the participants under the guidance of the education staff.