[Translate to English:] Bildquelle: Collage aus Fotografien von Katarina Brand und Klaus Bach, Sammlung Gedenkstätte Buchenwald

Geschichte Bewusst Machen. A path through Buchenwald on the 77th anniversary of liberation

[Translate to English:] Rundgang, Sonntag, 10. April, 13.30 Uhr, ehemaliger Bahnhof Buchenwald

The remembrance and the examination of the history of the Buchenwald concentration camp is supported by many different people and initiatives. Together with this network, the memorial designed the station trail "Geschichte Bewusst Machen. - A path through Buchenwald". Each year, we will visit various historical sites on a focal theme, the significance of which will be explained by an outdoor exhibition. This year, the thematic focus is: Buchenwald and the Holocaust.

The 2022 stations are:


Buchenwald station

Camp gate

Stone commemorating the women of Buchenwald Concentration Camp (block 5)

Jewish memorial (block 22)

Memorial to the Sinti and Roma victims (block 14)