„The Doctors‘ War“. A biographical film about the life of Elling Kvamme

Film & discussion with Elsa Kvamme (daughter and director), Friday, April 8, 7 p.m., "mon ami" cinema, Weimar

"We were totally ignorant about our fate.  Exept that we were going to a Special camp. A 'Sonderlager' in Germany. (Elling Kvamme)

On November 30, 1943, medical student Elling Kvamme was arrested in an Oslo hospital. Like several hundred other students, he was deported to Germany by the occupation authorities. The young Norwegian, whose straight nose and blond hair suited the Nazi ideal of beauty, was to be modeled as a “model Aryan” in the Buchenwald concentration camp. 65 years later, Elling Kvamme travels to Buchenwald with his daughter. In her film, Elsa Kvamme uses his memories as an opportunity to present the role of medicine in the Nazi dictatorship, the medical experiments on concentration camp prisoners and the destruction of so-called “unworthy life” in the “Third Reich” in detail. In conversations about medical ethics, the film reveals the political implications of medical measures beyond a personal fate.

Winner of The Golden Chair for best documentary at the 2011 Norwegian Short Film Festival.

Norway 2011, 54 minutes, original version (Norwegian, German), with English subtitles.