Buchenwald Memorial Endowment Association
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Buchenwald Memorial Endowment Association
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Application for membership in the Buchenwald Memorial Endowment Association (in German)
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The Buchenwald Memorial Endowment Association has a booth at the Weimar tourist information centre.

Buchenwald Memorial Endowment Association

"A day would come, relatively soon, when there would no longer be a single survivor of Buchenwald left. There would be no more immediate memory of Buchenwald. No longer would anyone be able to say, with words springing from physical recollection and not some theoretical reconstruction, what it was like: the hunger, the exhaustion, die anguish, the blinding presence of absolute Evil — precisely insofar as it lies hidden in all of us, as die condition of our freedom." Jorge Semprún

Buchenwald Memorial is, today, a place of historical understanding, international dialogue, and progress toward reconciliation. The history embodied by this site calls upon us to recognize that goodness is not self-evident. Freedom, justice, tolerance and human dignity can only be preserved when we — both individually and collectively — defend these values and assume responsibility for their realisation. It is through coming to terms with the history of Buchenwald that we are guided toward a deeper understanding of this underlying truth, as well as the fundamental role our own actions play in upholding it.

In support of this effort, the Buchenwald Memorial Endowment Association offers a variety of tours, including overview tours, tours of Buchenwald Railway Memorial Path, tours of the Memorial grounds and facilities, and informational tours about Weimar under National Socialism. For details on available tours, information regarding the Buchenwald Memorial Endowment Association, and suggestions for further reading, please visit the association’s information desk at the Weimar tourist information bureau.

To carry out its work, the Buchenwald Memorial relies on a dedicated network of friends and supporters. While preservation of the memory is indeed a significant financial undertaking, it is also true that the work of the memorial gains equally, in terms of credibility and effectiveness, from the strength and breadth of this network of supporters. Ultimately, the Memorial as an institution is not an end in and of itself. Rather, the true purpose of the Memorial lies in its ongoing effort to preserve and foster a free and just society, a spirit which is embodied in the commitment of the association’s members.