Exhibition book


Complementary to the recently-opened new permanent exhibition, the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation has published an exhibition book which not only deals with the key topics of the exhibition but also offers additional very informative articles. An English version is to follow.

Selected articles can already be viewed online.

Prof. Dr. Volkhard Knigge

Christian Geulen
Racism and National Socialism: A Brief History

Tim B. Müller
Volkish and Anti-Democratic Thought before 1933

Johannes Tuchel
The Safeguarding of Nazi Power and the Practice of Nazi Persecution, 1933–1937

Ulrich Herbert
The German Society in the "Third Reich"

Frank Bajohr
The Camps and the People’s Community:
The Nazi Concentration Camps as a Mirror and Instrument of Nazi Social Policy

Jens-Christian Wagner
Forced Labour and Genocide: The Nazi Concentration Camp System during the War

Annette Weinke
Nazi Victims as Witnesses after 1945

Ivan Ivanji
In Lieu of an Afterword - My Weimar
Honey and Gall

Norbert Frei
Beyond Contemporaneity

The book is also available in the Foundations's online-bookshop. To get there, simply click here.