Buchenwald – Giving Form to Impressions

The Young People’s Centre offers a programme module specifically for artistic reflection. A workshop at the centre provides interested groups with ample space and means for the creative realization of artistic ideas. Participants can work with clay or plaster, for example, or “process” what they have seen and heard at the memorial in drawings.

Charcoal, pastel and acrylic drawings as well as various collages and texts have already been created at twelve workplaces.

In the Paul Goyard Room (a seminar room for 36 persons), drawings by Paul Goyard and José Fosty acquaint participants with the two former inmates’ artistic perspectives on life in the camp. Works of the present are also on view.

For the preoccupation with historical places and issues, these works form points of departure that can be further intensified by studying the material collections or exploring the art exhibition. The seminar room also offers material on the “picture of the month” and on various sites within the Buchenwald grounds. Files on the respective artists provide biographical insights.

This offer can be used within the framework of a several-day stay at the Young People’s Centre. The programme can be tailored to the respective group’s skills and interests and is accompanied by a member of the memorial education staff.