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Buchenwald Memorial
99427 Weimar-Buchenwald
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Additional information

Information for memorial visits by individuals can be found here.


Visitor guidelines
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Schedule of fees
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Visitor Registration

So that our educational staff can prepare a programme for your visit that is suited to the needs, interests, and prior knowledge of your group, we ask that you fill out and submit our registration form. Afterwards, more specific details regarding your programme should be discussed with our staff by telephone.

Our programming for groups is primarily directed at high school students (grades 9 and up), youth groups and young adults who have prepared for the visit during classroom instruction or as part of a political education programme. The minimum age is 15; the size of the group should be between 15 and 30 persons. Tours in languages other than German are offered on a limited basis.

Please see the schedule of fees for information on the prices of our educational services.

You will have the option of printing out the completed form after you have filled it out and sent it.