Hanging of Buchenwald inmates

The exhibition will not focus solely on Buchenwald Concentration Camp, but also on the society in which it existed. In-depth research and newly discovered records make it possible to portray events and situations that reveal the attitude, scope for action, and conduct of the Germans towards the victims of persecution and ostracism.

In 1942, as a so-called "measure of atonement", the Buchenwald SS used its portable gallows to murder nineteen Polish concentration camp inmates in Poppenhausen. Having been selected for this purpose in the camp, they were hanged before an audience consisting of forced labourers, representatives of German authorities, and numerous curious spectators. The pastor from the nearby town of Autenhausen reported on the event in his chronicle. Photos of the hanging taken by the records department of the SS were found in Washington in the collection of Lorenz Schmuhl, the first American commander of the liberated Buchenwald Camp.