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13.04.2015 | 17:00 Uhr

"Children's Block 66 - Return to Buchenwald"
13.04.2015 / 5 p.m. / Cinema mon ami, Weimar

With the end of the war approaching in 1944 the number of inmates in Buchenwald concentration camp rises once more. Thousands of people who survived the ghettos and extermination camps of eastern Europe were brought to the camp near Weimar under awful conditions. Among these new inmates was a great number of Jews and with them many children and teenagers. They were hidden from the SS guards by the inmates in a special block: Block 66. About 900 of these young prisoners were liberated in April 1945, among them Naftali-Duro Furst, Pavel Kohn, Israel-Laszlo Lazar and Alex Moskovic. The film tells their stories and shows them returning to Buchenwald in April 2010, 65 years after they were liberated.

The film tells the stories of four survivors of the Buchenwald concentration camp. All four were still children when they arrived at the camp.

The film is presented in English with German subtitles. There will be a conversation following the presentation.

For further information please click herehttp://www.kinderblock66thefilm.com/