The classical city of Weimar on its foot and Buchenwald Memorial on the top: Ettersberg Mountain is a symbol for the changeable history of the region. Photo: Jürgen Schneider, Buchenwald Memorial Archivs

11.04.2015 | 11:00 Uhr

Exhibition: "Der Berg über der Stadt - Neue Bilder" (The Mountain over the City - New Images )
Opening of the exhibition / 11. 04. 2015 / Public Library of Weimar, Steubenstraße 1

Time of the Exhibition: 11. 04. 2015 - 26. 09. 2015

Writer Wulf Kirsten shares a friendship both with Susanne Theumer, a freelance graphic designer from Halle, and Harald Wenzel-Orff, a photographer from Weimar. They are united by the occupation with the topic of Buchenwald - a place that is explored by the artists in their works for many years.

Susanne Theumer (Graphic Design)                                                                                                        Harald Wenzel-Orff (Photography)                                                                                                               Wulf Kirsten (Text)