Jugend für Dora e. V.
International Youth Organization
c/o KZ-Gedenkstätte Mittelbau-Dora
Kohnsteinweg 20
D-99734 Nordhausen
Phone: +49 (0)3631 495 817


Website of the project
"Fahnen der Erinnerung"

Website of the project
"Zukunft der Zeitzeugen"

15. International Workcamp organized by Youth for Dora in 2013. Photo: Youth for Dora

Youth for Dora

"Jugend für Dora e.V." (Youth for Dora) is an international youth organisation, which is prior dealing with the history of the former Concentration Camp Mittelbau-Dora and its system of subcamps.

In 1995 former inmates expressed the wish to create an association of interested and committed young people, who are continuing the memory work of the survivors, thus the "hell of Dora" will never be forgotten. From a small group of young people from the region, was over the time a registered society established, connected in a nice network with other organisations, individuals on national and international level.

Main objective of the organisation is to contribute a small part for a better understanding of the history of the Nazism. In detail it means a lot of awareness work for historical places and happenings as well as its effects in the past and impacts on the present, to provide information, to preserve the commemoration and the memory, to raise awareness and create a generation overlapping cooperation as well as an intercultural communication and cooperation in different projects.

You can find the website of the organisation here.