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Available online material for your research can be found on our homepage.

For more educational material in preparation for a visit of the memorial please contact the visitor information.

Educational worksheets offer a means of preparing for a visit to the memorial. Photo: Roland Obst

In-class preparation for and follow-up of a visit to the memorial


Visits to a concentration camp memorial usually take place within the framework of history instruction. However, subjects such as German, religion or ethics also offer numerous points of departure.

Once you have decided to come to the memorial with your pupils, you should prepare them for the visit. We recommend that you include the following aspects in your in-class preparations:

introduction to the history of National Socialism
overview of the history of World War II
discussion on dictatorship and democracy as forms of government
knowledge of human rights and their violation 

It can be helpful to make reference to regional historical aspects as well. Are there venues of persecution in your vicinity, possibly a concentration camp or subcamp?

Another way of preparing your pupils for a visit to the memorial is to read fiction set in the Nazi period.

The guide to the permanent exhibition, available at the visitor information desk in German and English, is also highly recommended as a preparation aid.


Soon after your visit to the concentration camp memorial it is advisable to take class time to discuss any questions raised by the visit as well as the pupils’ impressions and emotions. The visit to the memorial can moreover serve as a point of departure for more in-depth projects.