On 9 November 1993 the Jewish Memorial was dedicated. It is built with stones from the Buchenwald quarry on the floor area of former Jewish block no. 22. Photo: Peter Hansen. Buchenwald Memorial

Unfounded allegations against the Buchenwald Memorial

Tuvia Tenenbom has been making absurd claims in an attempt to generate attention for his newly published book "Allein unter Deutschen" ("I Sleep in Hitler's Room")

Here the response of the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation:

Mr Tenenbom’s description of the work carried out by the Buchenwald Memorial is absurd and devoid of all reality. Mr Tenenbom reproduces the conversations he held with me and the head of the memorial education department in distorted form. I never at any time said that Jews should have been settled in Uganda. Nor is the t-shirt from the Uganda Bar in Jerusalem a propaganda t-shirt. The Uganda Bar is an establishment which presents artistic events and is very popular among young Israelis. I enjoyed going to that bar with my Israeli wife of many years, who is herself an artist. The bar is near her mother’s flat; they serve good hummus there and play interesting music.

According to the international present state of research, Buchenwald Concentration Camp was not among the extermination camps like the camps of the “Aktion Reinhard” or the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. Likewise according to the international present state of research, there were no gas chambers at Buchenwald Concentration Camp or its subcamps, and no killings were carried out with the aid of gas at Buchenwald Concentration Camp, as Mr Tenenbom claims in his book. It goes without saying that these facts do not imply that no mass murders and other atrocities took place at Buchenwald Concentration Camp. One click on the Buchenwald Memorial’s website (www.buchenwald.de) enables any user to inform him/herself easily about the history of Buchenwald Concentration Camp and the work carried out by the Buchenwald Memorial.

Neither racists nor anti-Semites work at the Buchenwald Memorial. On the contrary, the Buchenwald Memorial is an internationally highly acclaimed institution. The Central Council of the Jews in Germany is represented in the memorial’s foundation council. Mr Naftali Fürst of Haifa, who survived Buchenwald Concentration Camp as a child, is a member of the advisory board of survivors of Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Just recently (in September 2012), the memorial and Mr Fürst jointly organized a meeting of the children whose lives had been saved in Buchenwald. Every year in April, representatives of the Israeli embassy attend the services commemorating the camp’s liberation. High-ranking delegations from Israel have repeatedly visited the memorial. In 1977/78, when he was a young man, the head of the education department worked in Israel as a volunteer and was the victim of a Palestinian attack during which his brother was killed. He himself was seriously wounded. An Israeli doctor and Holocaust survivor treated him. This experience made its mark on Mr Gaede. As a consequence, he devotes his efforts particularly to cooperation with Israel and to the peace process. In this spirit, he also hosted the Palestinian lawyer Issam Ounis – who was nominated by the German Foreign Office as recipient of the Human Rights Prize of the City of Weimar in 2008 – at the memorial and in Weimar. The Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation condemns all activities that deny the Holocaust or question the right of the State of Israel to exist.

Prof Dr Volkhard Knigge
Foundation Director